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The art of innovation

Many of the nation's brightest business minds will gather in Sydney over 1-2 August to hear from international keynote speakers, such as Paul Bennett, who are changing the way we do business.
As IDEO’s Chief Creative Officer, Paul Bennett believes in the value of action over talk. As Paul says “Design is fundamentally an act of making and creating tangible things.” Observation and personal experience are critical to Paul’s work. The theory behind an idea may be easily grasped by some, but appealing to our five senses through the creation of a physical prototype brings wider understanding of a product, service, place or interaction – and the simpler, the better.
“Low tech and simple helps consumers drop their fears, try out and play with something, and give honest feedback,” says Paul. This approach takes many forms, from replicating the complete service environment of an airport to automatic teller machines to a new ice cream flavour. It speeds the creative process by adding new dimensions that words alone cannot
convey and it sweeps aside the paralysis of ‘overthink’; the phenomenon of the excessively analysed, justified or eulogized solution that never comes to fruition.
These solutions may not be perfect, but they are out there in the world, and are consequently much more valuable than the idea that never leaves the mind of its inventor. The benefits of taking action are real, but they cannot be achieved without organisational mindset change.
“Endless KPI discussion does not allow for the required intuition or agility, or to be frank, much creativity,” says Paul. “To be clear, I am not prescribing rashness, but I am suggesting boldness.”
And boldness is certainly possible – Paul recalls a senior executive commenting “We need to start to trust each other and our intuition and we need to learn to get things out in the world more
quickly because of it. We can beat the competition by trying harder at trying.” ‘Trusting your gut’ is rarely guesswork; rather it is the product of experience.
Combined with the act of creation, it holds great power. Organisations ignore this unmeasured science at their own risk. As Paul says “Not recognising the value of resident wisdom and intuition means that new ideas are often cumbersome and overthought and more nimble players can sprint ahead.”
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