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Where does your website rank on Google?

When a potential new customer searches for the products or services your business offers, where does your business website rank?  Do you know the most popular and relevant keywords for your product or service offering?  How competitive are these keywords and could you be targeting other, potentially more profitable keywords for improved results?
When you search for products, services or information on Google, the results pages will show a combination of organic search results and paid advertisements (shown in the highlighted “ads” sections).  Organic search results are unpaid rankings that have been determined as being the most relevant to the search based on Google’s search engine algorithms.  Paid advertisements are run through Google Adwords and the cost is based on the number of clicks on your ad (also known as Pay Per Click or PPC).
To improve your organic search engine ranking your site needs to be optimised with title tags, meta descriptions, link building, directory and article submissions and regular and relevant new content.  This is referred to as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  Alternatively investing in paid advertising is referred to as Search Engine Marketing (SEM). 
5 simple steps to SEO success:
  1. Keyword research – understanding the keywords your target market use for searching your products and services is imperative.  This will allow you to write copy that contains these specific keywords to drive organic rankings.  Use the tools provided by Google Analytics to determine keyword competitiveness. 
  2. Include tags -  metatags, meta descriptions and title tags are important pieces of information that Google uses to return search results.
  3. Content is King – relevant, original content that is regularly updated is great for improving your SEO results.  Make sure you have a news or blog section on your site and plan to update this on a regular basis!
  4. Focus on niche keyword phrases – rather than relying on single word highly competitive keywords you should invest in low competition, specific phrases.  Also known as long tail keywords, niche keyword phrases are often more relevant to potential customers that are entering specific searches.  For example consider the sales potential for a generic search for “signage” as opposed to “5mm corflute signage, North Sydney” which will be less competitive and also arguably suggests that the potential customer is further along the sales decision process than the generic search customer.
  5. Link Building – building relevant internal and external links improves the credibility of the website and therefore its search engine ranking. 
SEO should be an ongoing activity integrated into the overall marketing activities of the business.  Consistent, ongoing activity and review is required to ensure the best results.
CASE STUDY: How SEO has worked for 1300 APPRENTICE
1300 Apprentice is a not for profit organisation that manages the recruitment, OH&S and training of the trainee / apprentice to successful completion of the qualification.   Australian Business Consulting & Solutions have been managing 1300 Apprentice’s SEO campaign for three months and to date have achieved significant increased keyword rankings:
Keyword Rank at start of campaign Current rank
Employment Apprenticeships 22 4
Business Traineeship 116 2
Traineeship Programs 19 7
"We recently engaged the Australian Business Consulting & Solutions team to assist us with our SEO and recent upgrade of the website. Over this period of time, we have found the team to be engaging and knowledgeable. More importantly, they delivered exactly what we asked for without the fuss. We're extremely happy with our new website and the ongoing commitment by Australian Business Consulting & Solutions to the SEO process which means we are finally ranking on Google."  Jane Kennedy, CEO, 1300 Apprentice
For more information on how Australian Business Consulting & Solutions can assist your business improve their online search engine rankings please contact us via email or by phone on 1800 505 529.