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WHS Essentials is an online resource designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses that provide businesses with a comprehensive library of WHS information, policies, templates and procedures. 
This product is designed to make the creation of Work Health and Safety (WHS) documents easier for your business. All documents have been developed and maintained by our WHS consultants and Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors so you can be sure that the documents are both legally sounds and compliant with the latest legislations.
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WorkplaceOHS gives up-to-the-minute news, tools and expert guidance, to arm you with the necessary insights to help make your operations in your workplace legally compliant, efficient and safe. 
This tool will save your OHS professionals time by keeping them up to date with all aspects of creating and managing a safe workplace; from changes to Work Health & Safety to impacts to your business and everything in between.  


WHS Self-Assessment is an online mini-diagnostic tool designed to help you conduct an assessment of your safety management system. 
This product is a 15 minutes assessment, ideal first step in the management of safety and identifies the priorities for improvement. It will prompt you to consider whether or not you have the right policies and risk management practices in place across a wide range of Work Health and Safety (WHS) areas. 


The WHS Diagnostic Assessment involves a Work Health & Safety Consultant visiting your workplace to walk-through your site to review your housekeeping status with you. With help of a consultant, the WHS Diagnostic Assessment will assist you to identify the gaps in your compliance with WHS Legislations. 
This tool will save your employees from any risks of injury and minimise your company’s exposure to fines and penalties.

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