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NEW Social Media for SMEs courses launching soon

Release Date

11 September 2013

ABTS is excited to announce the introduction of two new one day courses to our public calendar in November 2013.

Social Media for SMEs - Introduction, and Social Media for SMEs - Advanced, will take participants through the essential information required to assist SMEs with using Social Media to their business advantage.

Social Media for SMEs - Introduction
With the emergence of social media and its undeniable and universal impact on networking, communication and specifically business, this course has been designed for individuals who have only recently discovered, or are just starting to use, this new technology and want to understand more about it. This one-day course will delve into the realm of social media, explaining how social media works, what the various options available are and most importantly, how it can be applied to positively impact your business. The course will also demonstrate how business can tie in the use of social media into the broader marketing planning process to illustrate how the objectives and strategy used fall out of the overall marketing plan for your brand or business. 

Social Media for SMEs - Advanced
This follow up, one day advanced course has been designed for individuals who have completed the Social Media for SMEs Introductory workshop, and are now looking to gain a deeper understanding of the strategy, technology and tools being used and how it can help to maximise their promotional efforts and overall brand performance. The specific aim of the course is to broaden your existing understanding of social media, how it works, how the various options interrelate and most importantly, how it can be applied to positively impact your business and your brands. 

Training locations will include Brisbane and Sydney, and dates will be released soon. For more information on this course please contact us or call 1300 572 439.

Course testimonial

"I would like to complement Daniele Lima not only on his most professional delivery but also for his care for us all.
The Social Media course was a most beneficial, brilliantly prepared and presented training course. He is an outstanding presenter whose carefully explanation and valuable examples made this such a joy to be part of. No doubt every aspect of the discussion will stimulate change and opportunity for us."
Barbara MacDermid, Manager, Lake Mulwala Lifestyle Village
Mulwala, NSW

daniele-lima.jpgYour trainer:
Daniele Lima, Managing Director Road Scholars Training

"My name is Daniele Lima and with over 20 years experience in business, I have started Road Scholars in 2005 to use the knowledge, business tools and proven techniques that have helped me in my professional career. During this time I have been blessed to have had many world class mentors and coaches that have helped drive my passion and success, achieving both national and international records in both the sales and marketing arenas.

The goal at Road Scholars is a simple one. And that is simply to help our clients achieve their full potential and maximise their business success regardless of what market their business operated in or how large the business may be."

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