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New ways of thinking about bullying - Webinar

Release Date

21 November 2014

Bullying in the workplace is increasingly in the spotlight. The new anti-bullying provisions of the Fair Work Act, which came into effect on 1 January this year, have enabled workers with bullying complaints to bypass their employers and apply directly to the Fair Work Commission for a relief order.
Nearly 12 months on, has this new anti-bullying jurisdiction had any real effect? Has the Commission had to crack down on employers and if so, do employers need to rethink how they engage with their workforce?
Join our experts in conversation as they discuss how the new anti-bullying laws are playing out in practice and strategies to reduce the risk of bullying in your workplace.

Walk away from this webinar understanding…

  • What is and isn’t workplace bullying, plus the impacts of this behaviour.
  • The work health and safety obligations in relation to bullying.
  • How the anti-bullying provisions of the Fair Work Act apply to employers.
  • The Commission’s process for managing bullying complaints.
  • Why it makes sense to have a policy addressing the wider problem of poor behaviour at work
  • How to spot the conditions conducive to poor behaviour.
  • The importance of communicating expectations, modelling good behaviour and providing training
  • The value of a reward/punishment approach to good and bad behaviour and of hiring for good behaviours.
For employers, WHS practitioners and HR professionals throughout Australia, this is an unmissable event!



Larry Forsyth, Senior Manager WHS/HR Consulting, Australian Business Consulting & Solutions
Joe Moore, Principal, Kimber Moore & Associates
with Ray Welling, Editor in Chief,
WorkplaceInfo & WorkplaceOHS

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