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Return to Work Coordinators - do you need one?

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17 February 2014

An effective and confident Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator (RRTWC) in your business can provide a framework from which your business can provide guidance and instruction to injured workers to help them return to work, and to liaise with insurers to ensure compliance with legislation. 

Australian Business Training Solutions offers training in QLD and NSW, compliant with relevant state legislation. Read on to find out more.

What is workplace rehabilitation and what are the benefits to business?

Workplace rehabilitation can reduce the social and financial cost of workplace injury to the worker, employer and the Australian business community. But most importantly, it helps injured workers get back to work.
Workplace rehabilitation is about finding the best ways for the worker to keep their valuable work skills with the aim to return to the job they had before their injury or another suitable job. If the worker is unable to return to their pre-injury job soon after their injury, a suitable duties program is developed to help the worker return to work safely over a period of time.

Benefits to employers include:
  • helping workers deal with workplace injury and return to work
  • retaining rather than losing a skilled workforce
  • controlling the costs of workplace injury, e.g. by getting workers back to work in a safe and timely manner.

Does your business need a Rehabilitation & Return to Work Coordinator?

  • Regulatory Requirements for a RRTWC and recent legislative changes in QLD
Effective 17 October 2013, employers who pay annual wages of more than $7,124,520 (5200 times QOTE) for the preceding financial year, or are in a high risk industry with wages of more than $3,562,260 (2600 times QOTE), must appoint a rehabilitation and return to work coordinator. The thresholds of $7,124,520 and $3,562,260 have been lifted from the previous levels of $7,049,000 and $2,146,000 respectively.

For high risk industries this requirement equals approximately 50 workers earning average ordinary time wages, and in other industries approximately 100 workers earning average ordinary times wages. Please click here for more information on High Risk Industries

Recently the Workers' Compensation and Rehabilitation and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2013 was passed in Queensland parliament. The official assent of the Act has resulted in changes for RRTWC and their employers. As a result of these changes, RRTWCs no longer need to be certified to carry out their roles. It is now the responsibility of the employer to ascertain that a RRTWC is 'appropriately qualified' to carry out their role in the context of the environment they are working in.

Our revised two day course has been developed to ensure that you as an employer can be satisfied that your RRTWC is appropriately qualified to carry out their duties.
Click for more information from Workers' Compensation Regulator QLD
  • Regulatory Requirements for a Return to Work Coordinator in NSW
In NSW a Category 1 employer must employ or engage a person as a Return to Work Coordinator. A category 1 employer is: an employer whose basic tariff premium is in excess of $50,000 per year; or an employer who is self insured; or an employer who is insured by a specialised insurer, and who employs more than 20 workers (WorkCover NSW).
Click for more information from WorkCover NSW 

Training for Rehabilitation & Return to Work Coordinators

If you are in a RRTWC role, Human Resources, or are interested in developing your career, training is a vital component in understanding the key legalisation relevant to your position, and in understanding the state legislative frameworks from which you need to work under. It is also important to understand the role of insurers and what you need to do to effectively develop a program for an injured worker to return to work.

Legislation and requirements are different across each state and territory, so it’s important that you refer to your appropriate regulatory body for clarification on what training you are required or recommended to complete for initial and refresher periods.

Click for requirements in QLD
Click for requirements in NSW 

Australian Business Training Solutions offers training in QLD and NSW, compliant with relevant state legislation.
What you’ll learn at our courses:

  • How to notify an insurer of potential claims and if required, assist a worker to lodge a compensation claim.
  • Develop, document and review a suitable duties plan for a worker based on the current medical certificate.
  • List the main components of the WorkCover/Workers Compensation Scheme
  • Communicate with relevant parties including workers compensation, doctors, and other providers
  • Educate line managers, supervisors and colleagues about workplace rehabilitation programs and worker entitlements.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of workplace rehabilitation.

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Our courses are available via our public schedule in Sydney, Brisbane and regional QLD, and can also be delivered in your workplace allowing you to customise aspects of the course to suit your own internal policies and procedures.

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  • Rehabilitation & Return to Work coordinator (QLD)
NEW two day course – meet your employer obligations
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  • Return to Work Coordination - Introduction (NSW)
WorkCover NSW approved
Non-member $500, Member $450

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Townsville 18-19 March
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