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The value of customised training in the workplace

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10 September 2014

The coming years are projected to see fewer than 125 people exiting education to start their careers for every 100 people retiring – the lowest ratio in Australia’s history and insufficient to meet growing market demand*. This means there is an ever-increasing shortage of skilled employees which creates a highly competitive labour force. This emerging trend has created a focus on the development and retention of quality staff* in the workforce. Organisations that invest in training typically have lower employee turnover which can often lead to high customer satisfaction and increased profitability**.

In a tight economy, training organisation are under increasing pressure to demonstrate that investments in education translate to real benefit to a customer’s bottom line, through increase skills and improved productivity. As a result of the emerging skills shortage in Australia, businesses are increasingly engaging in customised workplace training to combat this recent trend.

What are the benefits of customised training?

The obvious benefit of customised training to businesses is to improve staff retention, customer service and profitability through investing in staff development. Further benefits include:

  • Value for money: Customised training means you can reach economies of scale when you train a number of employees at the same time.
  • Flexibility for delivery: You are able to have customised training delivered at your workplace or offsite at an agreed location with your training provider. You can also nominate days (and time-frames) for training that suits the availability and priorities of your business.
  • Relevance to your business: Through the customisation of course content, you are able to include information that is relevant and important to your business. Whether it is industry related examples or content that relates to your staff, you can work with your training provider to refine these details to address your business goals.

What customised courses are available?

Customised workplace training can range from delivery of soft-skills such as customer services and business acumen, through to the legislative compliance based training for workplace health & safety and bullying and harassment. Australian Business Training Solutions have expanded our course offerings and capabilities to further support the growing demands of vocational training in the workplace. Businesses can access a wide range of safety and business accredited and professional development courses across Australia which can be customised to any workplace. ABTS is an innovative and adaptive Registered Training Organisation (national provider number 32544), that works with businesses in Queensland, New South Wales, and nationally to tailor training packages to suit business goals and requirements.
*Deloitte., (2011) Where is your next work?
**Delahoussaye, M. Ellis, K. Bolch, M. (2002) Measuring Corporate Smarts.

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