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WHS Essentials is an online resource designed to make the creation of Work Health & Safety documents easier for your business. 

Designed specifically for small and medium sized business WHS Essentials provides you with a number of information, features and benefits that will benefit your company. Such product feature and benefits include:
  • Making it easier for you to implement a safer workplace and managing any risks
  • Providing you with a comprehensive library of WHS information, policies, templates and procedures
  • All your employment documentation requirements are in one, secure, easy-to-access repository
  • Ability to create documents, including procedures that are customised to your business
  • All documents are reviewed and backed by a leading employment law firm, Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors so your documents are legally compliant all year round 
  • Regular email alerts to keep you informed of any changes to legislations and subsequent changes to documents that will help you manage the impact of change on your business
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