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Harmonisation - What is it and why should I care?

Most organisations are aware of the latest reform to Work Health & Safety (WHS), yet many are not sure how if effects them or more importantly why they must be compliant.

Harmonisation is a great initiative for employers to standardise and share WHS responsibility and reduce the burden to creating and managing a safe workplace. Ignoring WHS could result in a significant fine or other penalty.

Business owners and directors are now able to share this responsibility with employees and contractors with the right systems in place.

Not sure how ready your organisation is at the moment?

We're here to help

Step 1: Assessment

Conduct a review of your workplace to define what is or isn’t in place to meet your WHS compliance needs. Choose from a range of options including online assessments through to onsite consulting. Learn more

Step 2: Documents


Create the required documents that will help you manage WHS in the work place. Stay informed of any required changes and enjoy peace of mind, knowing your documents are reviewed and supported by lawyers. Learn more

Step 3: System

Create a safety system that consolidates all aspects of creating and managing safety in the workplace. Manage employees and contractors, sites, policies, records, reviews and alerts in one central location. Learn more.

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