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Growing your retail business - what really matters


14 September 2016 08:30 AM to 14 September 2016 11:00 AM



A growth strategy that focuses on increasing revenue alone is no longer feasible for retail businesses in the current economy that is challenged by the overseas online retail market, wage costs and new forms of competition.
This half day workshop focuses on providing attendees with new concepts, approaches to growing and sustaining a profitable retail business, as well as tools, information and recommendations for the practical application of strategies designed specifically for retail businesses.
By attending the workshop, you will walk away having learnt:
  • Ways to market your business that differentiate you from the competition
  • How to save money while increasing customer experience
  • To be disability confident, accessible and inclusive of people with disability
  • What retailers in international markets are doing to flourish
  • How another retail business has revolutionised their model and increased sales 10 fold
Our team of experienced marketers and sellers have a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise in working with the Retail sector throughout Australia. We’ve helped countless businesses over the past decade and are passionate about helping the retail businesses excel.

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