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Are you ready to Bust Bullying in your workplace?

The anti-bullying provisions in the Fair Work Act that took effect 1 January 2014 make it possible for employees to go straight to the Fair Work Commission with their complaints.

In the last 12 months ABCS has helped over 600 businesses understand how to manage bullies in their workplace.

It is not a wonder you are so interested! The average bullying case costs employers between $17,000 and $24,000 a time and with one in three australians claiming to be bullied at work, the cost to Australian businesses is expected to soar! When it comes to bullying in the workplace, prevention is definitely the best strategy.

Are you ready?

Our tailored Bullying Prevention packages offer you peace of mind and expert advice on how to prepare for and combat bullying in your workplace. 

Bullying Prevention Package 

  • A comprehensive review of your current Bullying Policy 
  • Development and updating of your current policy
  • A 2 hour tailored coaching session for your Managers

These sessions are private group sessions.

Interactive Bullying PDF

Download your FREE comprehensive guide to understanding the impact of Workplace bullying legislation containing:
  • Our Essential Bullying Checklist
  • An informative video covering the changes in legislation
  • A comprehensive guide to the legislation changes and what that means for businesses

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Would you like to know more? Why not take 3 minutes to view our Bullying Prevention video by resident expert Larry Forsyth below.

Contact Larry Forsyth, Senior Manager HR & WHS Consulting to learn more about the Bullying Prevention program, or to book your sessions.

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