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Mental Health Awareness

In 2013 Safe Work Australia estimated mental health and stress cost Australian businesses more than $10 billion per year. 

While mental health might develop outside the workplace it still impacts employers with issues like unplanned absences and lower productivity that represents a huge cost to business.


The statistics also suggest every employer needs to be equipped to manage mental health issues and these can be addressed by the delivery of mental health awareness across your organisation.

The mental health awareness session is to provide management, rehabilitation and claims personnel with the confidence to approach or respond to an employee or colleague experiencing a mental illness and provide them with an avenue for action and referral.

Our tailored Mental Health session enables participants to understand and acknowledge the stigma and symptoms around mental health.

Mental Health Awareness Programme

Includes a 2 hour mental health awareness session for supervisors and managers to identify, understand and acknowledge mental health in support of a cultural and sustainable workplace.

By attending you’ll walk away with an action model to help you to manage mental health awareness in the workplace.

These sessions are private group sessions (up to 15 participants).

Don't miss this great opportunity to get on top of mental health awareness in your organisation.

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Why not take 3 minutes to watch on overview of Workplace Mental Health with Larry Forsyth, Senior Manager HR Consulting with Australian Business Consulting and Solutions.

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