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My People Coach

The difference between getting commitment from your staff and simply getting compliance is coaching, and the most effective leaders today see themselves as coaches and leaders rather than managers or supervisors.


Do you want to learn how to coach yourself and your people? Australian Business HR Consulting can help you with our My People Coach program. My People Coach can help you:

  • Learn more about yourself as a person through our self-coaching methodology 
  • Increase your emotional awareness
  • Learn to listen better – to yourself and especially to others
  • Listen to tone of voice
  • Read body language
  • Learn about team dynamics
  • Use your new-found awareness and coaching skills to develop and practice a coaching framework with your people

Our My People Coach Training will give you the skills to get the best from your employee's.

Inclusions: 4 x 1 hour People Coaching sessions

Interested in finding out more? 

Contact Larry Forsyth, Senior Manager HR & WHS Consulting to learn more about the My People Coach program, or to book your sessions.

e: Larry.Forsyth@australianbusiness.com.au
m: 0417 318 293

* excludes travel and auxillary costs

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