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Feeling the pain of the Workers Compensation Premium?

We're here to help!

In the last 12 months our experienced consultants have helped hundreds of businesses to manage their workers compensation processes more effectively, resulting in significant savings on the end of financial year insurance premium.

Workers compensation schemes in Australia pay out around $7.8 billion a year for claims, impacting upon the premiums of workers compensation insurance for all Australian businesses.

Our tailored Workers Compensation Prevention Package offers you expert advice on how to best manage Workers Compensation in your workplace. With a proper understanding of best practice and implementation of your action plan, you could potentially save up to 50% off your next premium!

Workers Compensation Prevention Package 

  • An evaluation of what your current claims are costing you
  • A review of your Return to Work Cases
  • An easy to follow Action Plan
  • WHS Self-Assessment Checklist

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Returning your employee to work after a claim is one of the most difficult aspects of workers compensation. A quick and efficient return to work process can help to reduce the claim period and impact on the insurance premium. To help you get started, you can download our FREE Return to Work Plan template below:


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