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If keeping up to date with the latest Human Resource and Industrial Relations news, tools and expert guidance is important to your business, then WorkplaceInfo is just what you need. 

This subscription based online resource gives you the necessary insights to help you manage your HR requirements by: 
  • Delivering daily news via email relating to the latest HR/IR decisions, developments and leading trends
  • Offering you the opportunity to ask one of our experts in HR/IR for advice whenever needed
  • A web search engine that guides you to Australian and International HR/IR websites including employer associations, employee associations and Government websites
  • Deep links to case reports and/or legislations on the AustLII (Australasian Legal Information Institute) site. 
  • Offering you guidelines on creating and using effective HR documents such as policies and correspondence
  • Useful checklists which can be used in your own HR practice covering Pay & Conditions, Recruitment, EEO & Privacy and more. 
To find out more, visit the WorkplaceInfo website, contact us on 1800 505 529 or request a free trial today

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