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The Importance of Policies in the Workplace

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26 June 2013

The Importance of Policies in the Workplace

Policies are important in a workplace as it helps reinforce and clarify the standards expected of employees and help employers manage staff more effectively as it defines what is acceptable and unacceptable in the workplace.
Policies may form part of the employment contract and often provided to employees in a handbook. Such policies in the workplace include:

  • Use of company property policy
  • Social media policy
  • First aid policy
  • Non-smoking at the workplace policy
  • Drugs and alcohol policy
  • Performance management and employee development policy, and more.

Benefits of having Company Policies

Well-written company policies aim to help businesses in many ways.  Policies demonstrate that the organisation is being operated in an efficient and businesslike manner, raise stability and ensure consistency in the decision-making and operational procedures.

Policies are also beneficial in assisting employers defend themselves in an unfair dismissal claim, OHS prosecution or liability claims.

Communicating Policies

Policies need to be provided and explained to new and existing employees for it to be effective.

In the unfortunate occasion where courts and tribunals will be involved with an employer to employee case, it is unlikely to uphold dismissals for breach of workplace policies if the policies have not been communicated properly to employees or have not been applied consistently.

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