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Developing a brand strategy

Building on the insights from the brand research, your brand strategy is the essence of what you represent and should extend across all marketing channels and customer contact points.

A great brand strategy helps you communicate more effectively with your market, so you can build brand values in your interaction you have with your prospects and customers.

Australian Business Consulting & Solutions will consider all customer touch points and advise how you can communicate your brand through your pricing, logo and corporate identity, verbal and written communications, uniforms, collateral and website. Consideration will also be given to operational customer touch points, such as service desks and support staff.

Our Brand Strategy will include:
  • development of Brand Strategy, including implementation of focus group recommendations
  • refined brand values
  • recommendations for logo and/or visual identity changes (if required)
  • verbal language guide
  • assessment of customer touch points and communications framework, and key recommendations for brand management within this framework.

Australian Business Consulting & Solutions is here to help build your brand to new heights - drop us an email to discuss more!

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