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Direct mail campaigns

In an era where consumers find themselves increasingly overloaded with electronic information, direct mail can increase your chances of a positive result by harnessing the strength and immediacy of one-to-one communication.

Integrated into an overall marketing strategy, direct mail has many benefits to be explored by the savvy marketer. By paying attention to your data and careful selection, direct mail allows you to target your communications so you choose exactly who gets your message, and who doesn’t. 

Direct mail also opens up new opportunities to be creative, engaging all senses – sight, touch, smell, taste and sound – with a physical and tangible mail piece. The opportunities to create highly personalised direct mail also improves cut through to your prospects, offering affirmation that is both timely and relevant.

Most importantly, your direct mail must communicate a clear call to action and a strong statement of benefits to the target audience.


At Australian Business Consulting & Solutions, we take the following steps to ensure your Direct Mail campaign is a success:

Call to action development

A successful direct mail campaign requires a carefully thought out call to action. One of our expert Marketing Consultants will work with your company to develop an appropriate offer for the campaign.


Your Marketing Consultant will develop and finesse the rights words that will attract customers and showcase your business strengths. This process includes developing an initial draft, one round of changes based on your feedback and a final draft for use.

Concept development

Following the briefing, the Senior Graphic Designer will work with the rest of our graphic design team to brainstorm and create a concept for you. Our Marketing Consultant will then present this to you via email and phone, to explain the concept/s and to get your feedback.

Graphic design

This stage is about getting the direct mail design piece just right for you. Our team of graphic designers will finalise the artwork for the concept and input your feedback to make any necessary changes. Once you have approved the final proof, we will then create your new logo in various file formats so that you have flexibility in how you wish to use it.  

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