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Integrate your marketing strategy

Managing a marketing strategy across several divisions, business units and geographical regions is difficult.  Much less keeping their individual marketing plans aligned to the strategic objectives, tracking their performance quickly and easily, and reporting the marketing progress to upper management!

Australian Business Consulting & Solutions is pleased to offer a new integrated marketing system, which allows your individual marketing team members to collaborate on the overall marketing strategy while taking direct ownership of individual marketing plans and objectives.

Developing an integrated marketing strategy

Our Marketing Consultants will meet with your Marketing Managers to determine your needs, discuss the complexity of your structure and marketing planning process.

Workshops will be completed with the individual marketing teams, focusing on a specific marketing plan or series of plans. 

The first step is to understand the big picture strategy and the environmental influences in which the business operates. The underpinning marketing frameworks required to meet these objectives are identified. Then the marketing plan objectives, measurable outcomes, milestones and responsibilities are assigned.

Each individual marketing plan is linked back through to the strategic objectives, allowing for reporting across business units or product lines.

Users can update the system via blog entries, or through updates against milestones to indicate their progress towards their individual objectives. 

Visibility of the plans can be restricted based on the users profile.

This system is best suited to large companies, corporations and government departments, which have professional marketing teams but lack unity and visibility over marketing activity.

Price on application. 

The system is customised to your individual needs, so please contact us for a formal proposal.

For more information on how we can help your business, please give us a call on 1800 505 529 or send an email. Our Team are here to help.

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