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Internal communications strategy and management

The development of an effective internal communication plan is a critical part of HR strategy, as clear and effective internal communications are a key element in employee engagement. Internal communication are also an important part of brand marketing, ensuring that your company's values and staff understanding and behaviour are aligned.

Beyond acting as a source of company information and news, effective internal communications will also:

  • boost morale and motivation
  • encourage staff to be brand ambassadors
  • help the organisation learn – staff are a vital source of information and ideas
  • provide a better customer service – informed frontline and other staff will be up to speed on what’s happening and why.

Unfortunately, internal communications are often developed adhoc – often in response to a work situation – and are presented unprofessionally, without taking advantage of digital communication channels.

For a busy HR Manager, managing the internal communications is often low on the 'to-do' list.

At Australian Business Consulting & Solutions, our Marketing Consultants have the benefit of working alongside HR and workplace professionals. We understand the needs and time constraints on a busy HR Department, and can help in creating your internal communications strategy and your ongoing internal communications executions.

Internal communications strategy

Your internal communication strategy extends from your organisation’s overall strategic plan, as effective internal communications are an important element to your organisation achieving its aims more effectively.

Our Marketing Consultants will devise an internal communications plan, incorporating a thorough briefing, information sharing, creativity and detailed planning. Monitoring and evaluation of the impact of your internal communications will also be built into your plan.

Ongoing internal communication support

Unprofessional and ill-prepared internal communications send the wrong message to your staff members. At Australian Business Consulting and Solution, we can help you to get the message and design of your materials correct. From copywriting your messages and stories, to design of posters and newsletters, social media and SMS announcements – our team can make sure your internal communications look great – and your message gets through! 

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