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Virtual marketing manager

After completing your marketing plan, it can be hard to find the time to execute all the marketing activity. Having a Virtual Marketing Manager by your side in the first six months makes it easier to stay on track, and ask advice when you get stuck. 

Virtual marketing coach

Suited for small business owners who need support in getting their marketing strategy off the ground, the Virtual Marketing Coach will provide strategic advice and coaching to improve your general marketing.

Includes 2x one hour coaching sessions per month and on call support (six hours per month) to answer specific queries.


Virtual marketing manager

Suited for businesses needing strategic marketing direction (or specialist help with a marketing channel). We will provide strategic advice to your marketing team and assistance on campaign development, spending two half days with your business per month plus on call support.

Outsourced marketing solution

Suited for businesses needing ongoing marketing direction and campaign execution – without taking on head count. Includes full marketing management and campaign execution, including one day per fortnight on your premises and on call support.

Price on application – please contact us.

* Business Chamber members may be eligible for a discount on services. Membership must be confirmed upon confirmation of order. For information on becoming a member of the NSW Business Chamber, CCIQ or Canberra Business Council - please click here.

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